Other Productions

Wander Productions has also produced and mentored Independent Victorian Artists with productions including Women in War – a Greek/Australian contemporary opera; Wrongful Life a play by Ron Elisha; Throttle – is a thrilling rhythmic musical adventure built on driving drum grooves and a visual kaleidoscopic extravaganza.; Matador – a fusion of burlesque, dance and circus at the Melba Spiegeltent in 2019; Hold The Pickle by Rachel Berger.  Rachel is well known as a comedian who delivers rapid-fire lines with assertive virtuosity. In Hold The Picklehowever, she leaves the microphone behind and opens the door of her parents’ delicatessen to deliver stories of love, loss and longing, fear and belonging.  Oh, and schnitzels.  Now You Can Eat Father Christmas by Roland Roccihiocilli telling the heartfelt story of his childhood and his mother.